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That was when the Long Beach resident applied for and received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that grants certain undocumented youth temporary relief from deportation, a social security number, and a permit to work.“Now I’m not afraid to walk anywhere,” said the native of Cambodia who has lived most of his life undocumented. He’s worked under the table and been robbed of overtime pay due to him. D., he’s missed out on memories with friends at clubs.Without a license, he has had to pick up his dates on the bus, sometimes being late. Besides a healthier state of mind, Kem now has a better-paying job as an outreach ambassador for Long Beach City College.“Prior to that, I felt like I was stuck in limbo, not being able to grow,” said Kem, who worked only under the table jobs before. He estimates the employer robbed him of “a few thousand” dollars in overtime. They respect my time,” said Kem, who provides college resources to high school students.

He was often late to dates, especially when he missed the bus. Only 21 percent of eligible Asians have applied for DACA, compared to 77 percent of Latinos, according to a report by the Migration Policy Institute that looks at immigrants from the top four counties in Asia and the top 12 countries in Latin America.“We’re culturally more reserved and more timid to talk about undocumented status,” Kem explained.Alexandra Chando auf Twitter Perfect day with my amazing.Alexandra Chando achando Instagram photos and videos. Photos Are Nina Dobrev and Alexandra Chando Teencom. First, he says nothings wrong but then decides to tell her about what Alec had said. He then says that he wasn't playing a game with her that his feelings for her is real.