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Collecting postcards was a natural extension of the Picture Collection's mission to provide its users with visual material in a variety of formats.Postcards were circulated from at least the early 1920's and were likely housed with subject clippings files until later segregated into a separate collection.I love collecting and dealing in vintage collectible postcards, especially the topographical ones that I specialize in.For me, this is a great way to combine my loves of vintage, history, and travel, and I am always learning something new!Vintage Postcard Boutique specializes in collectible vintage postcards, dating primarily from the 1900s to 1960s that feature U. Vintage postcards make great gifts framed and are perfect for art projects, scrapbooking as well as collecting. We also carry topical views including holidays, animals, comic, large letter and more.

Real photo postcards became expressions of pride in home and community, and were also sold as souvenirs in local drug stores and stationery shops.” On March 1, 1907, Federal legislation permitted senders, for the first time, to include a message on a portion of the back of a postcard.

You can also use scraps of ribbon, string or fishing line and cut to the length you desire.

Hang wherever desired, even along a mirror in a hallway or bathroom, with nails or decorative hooks and pins.

At the turn of the century, artists and illustrators desiring a decent living needonly apply themselves to the design of postcards, which were enjoying a golden agesince the first picture postcard in the United States appeared at the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1893.

Holidays aligned the interests of artists andpostcard publishers precisely.