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He is therefore a decorated soldier of the Boer War who threatened a fellow officer, a Sandhurst graduate who had been expelled from Winchester School, an ADC to his father as Governor of Gibraltar, an officer under Kitchener in India, who resigned to join a Tolstoyian commune, living as a tramp, then a lumberjack in Canada, who joined the Home Rule campaign with Casement, launched the Citizen Army, organised the Irish Volunteers in Ulster, drove a ambulance in the First World War, was jailed in Pentonville on the eve of Casement’s execution for leading a protest strike in Wales against Connolly's execution, who was invited to stand as a candidate in a Free State election in the 1920s and a Northern Ireland election in the 1940s, who was part of the Republican Congress and a Red Cross worker in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, who had literary work published in the and who became a character in a D H Lawrence novel, who called himself a ' Christian communist' and who wrote a blueprint for anarchism, a Christian, a mystic, a Leninist, a protestant anti-clericalist both of whose wives were Catholics, a radical socialist who inherited his father's estate in County Antrim, a Misfit.

If there were to be an image of him for a stamp of commemoration then maybe neither the formal military uniform of the Citizen Army nor the wide-brimmed hatted portrait of the autobiography would be fitting. (James Robert) White, known as Jack, was born in 1879 in Broughshane near Ballymena, Co.

Police have launched an investigation into Ms Mc Laughlin's alleged rape and murder and have sent her body to the Goa Medical College for a post-mortem.This is the stamp withdrawn by An Post in January 2014 after it was discovered the image used was not that of Irish Citizen Army founder, Captain Jack White.Click here to access Conor Hunt’s story on the disputed stamp for RTÉ News The story of Captain J. White brings a complexity and a nuance to the history of those years and well as being full of incident and controversy.He went on to receive his military training at Sandhurst, where he learned 'fortification and fornication'.Conor Mc Gregor made his last chance to trash Floyd Mayweather count ... In between, Mc Gregor disses Mayweather by saying he's “soft, little, short, weak” ...