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Katherine revealed that she once threatened to date John Mayer in order to scare Josh into commitment."Around the same time I met Josh, I also met John Mayer," Katherine said."John Mayer and I are from neighbouring towns and knew some of the same people. ""These musicians, they are competitive and jealous of each other," she continued.The excellent Tom Wilkinson and Linda Emond star as Jenny’s parents, with Grace Gummer rounding out the family as Jenny’s sister.

We're not sure whether this is pure genius, or madness.

Katherine Heigl "never intended to be difficult" to work with, but she also admits, "I'm fully aware I'm a neurotic actor," and that she's matured quite a bit in recent years."I'm less afraid of what everyone thinks of me," she tells us. I'm absolutely a neurotic actor and we all kind of are, but I'm less atwitter and I'm less defensive and I'm less afraid of what everybody thinks of me.

We chatted with the 35-year-old mother of two on Sunday night at the NBC Press Tour party in Hollywood, and she not only went into detail about her relationship with her momager Nancy Heigl (who is an executive producer on her show, What was it about this role that spoke to you? I get my feelings hurt, and I certainly get frustrated because I want to prove I'm something, or prove to people that I'm more than they think, but I don't get quite as aflutter about it as I did in my youth.

(They think that she and Kitty are roomates.) Her family keeps hounding her about when she’s going to find a nice man to marry, and eventually Jenny can’t handle the weight of her giant secret anymore.

She comes out and announces her engagement to Kitty, something that her family struggles to deal with.