Olbermann dating coulter

Ann Coulter is purposefully outrageous at times, which is why it’s important to taken into account her larger meaning when she tweets something like this before jumping on the “SHE’S A NAZI!” bandwagon: The point, brainless sack-of-sh*t, is that Nazis (not connected w/ GOP) = irrelevant; MSNBC's Sharpton (connected at hip to Dems) = 9 dead.

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The real Cornell, the School of Arts and Sciences (average : 1,325; acceptance rate: 1 in 6 applicants), is the only Ivy League school at Cornell and the only one that grants a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Keith Olbermann has been on fire this election season over at GQ, but this may be the best video he's done yet.

In this one, he admits to dating Laura Ingraham back in the day, and how she whispered the names of her co-conspirators in his ear one night.

It’s a dichotomy that Cornellians the world around are keenly aware of, but rarely use against one If you’ve ever watched any three nights of his show, you know that Olbermann went to Cornell.

But he always forgets to mention that he went to the school that offers classes in milking and bovine management.