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The recent news about a camera spying on customers changing their clothes in a well-known boutique in Goa has once again raised the question about privacy.

The customer reported that she discovered a camera pointed to the changing room and on investigation, it was found that the videos were recorded on a computer from another room in the same premises.

With technology downsizing to miniscule sizes, the world is changing for good.

However, there are certain tech gadgets that are causing a threat to privacy.

Cameras have become portable, battery operated and tiny and almost every smartphone out there has at least two of them. If you’re not constantly home, there’s always the possibility that someone could be breaking into your home at any given moment.That problem is heightened if you travel a lot for more than a few days at a time.After all, you wouldn’t want to come home after a long trip to find half your stuff gone. There are a ton of great home security cameras out there, and every year, they seem to get better and better.You can also use them to watch your pets while you're at work, keep tabs on your kids when they're home alone, and monitor your baby in the crib.