Updating photos on itouch

Flickr continues to function as a photo-sharing website.

Flickr is not cloud storage even though it offers you a full 1 TB of storage.Using i Tunes Using a Third-Party File Manager Using Email (i Pod Touch)Using Disk Mode (Original i Pod)Community Q&A Have a lot of pictures on your computer that you want to put on your i Pod?As long as your i Pod has a color screen (or you have an i Pod Touch), you can copy your photo library over to view your pictures on the go.So you always see the latest version on your devices and online.If you have photos synced to your i OS device from i Tunes and then turn on i Cloud Photo Library, you'll see "Photos and Videos Synced from i Tunes will be Removed." The original versions of the photos and videos will stay on your computer and the copies are removed from your i OS device.