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The prohibition appears to be part of an effort to further rein in an industry already subject to heavy state control, following a warning earlier this month that singers would need to get permission from Uzbekkonsert to post their clips on You Tube.

A Tashkent-based entertainment reporter who asked to remain anonymous confirmed that the new ban was announced by an adviser to President Shavkat Mirziyaev at a June 27 meeting with journalists at Uzbekkonsert headquarters in the capital.

), is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world.

Located in Central Asia, it is a secular, unitary constitutional republic, comprising 12 provinces, one autonomous republic, and a capital city.

Lithic assemblages from all cultural layers display features similar to both late Middle Paleolithic blade industries and early Upper Paleolithic complexes in Southwest Asia and the Siberian Altai Mountains; this suggests a gradual Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition occurred in western Central Asia.

Hominid remains found at Obi-Rakhmat (layer 16) show a mixture of archaic and modern traits.

Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, it declared independence as the Republic of Uzbekistan on 31 August 1991 (officially celebrated the following day).

It appears that 14C dates are more reliable in terms of correspondence to the general framework of the Paleolithic of Central Asia and neighboring regions, and after critical analysis and the deletion of outliers, the upper part of the site's cultural sequence can be dated between 36,000-41,400 BP (layer 7) and ~48,800 BP (layer 14.1).Authorities in Uzbekistan have forbidden musicians from localizing foreign songs or performing such adaptations, according to sources at the industry's regulatory body, Uzbekkonsert, and in the media.Uzbekistan has a dubious record of intellectual-copyright enforcement dating back to Soviet days, and performers have routinely covered or adapted foreign tunes with little or no acknowledgement of their origins -- to say nothing of royalties.Uzbekistan is bordered by five landlocked countries: Kazakhstan to the north; Tajikistan to the southeast; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Afghanistan to the south; and Turkmenistan to the southwest.What is now Uzbekistan was in ancient times part of the predominantly Persian-speaking region of Transoxiana, with cities such as Samarkand growing rich from the Silk Road.