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Zeman had also made 2011’s “Cropsey,” about children who’d disappeared from the Staten Island neighborhood where he grew up.“After dealing with the families of those missing kids, I honestly wanted nothing to do with anything that glorified serial murder,” said Zeman, who nevertheless found himself heading to Gilgo Beach on weekends, wondering why, after two years, police were no closer to naming a suspect, and why the second set of bodies had not even been identified.The viewer is therefore simultaneously a voyeur and an object of voyeurism.

There are different civil and criminal statutes and laws related to viewing without consent, being a “Peeping Tom”, photographing, video recording, and more.

To commit indecent viewing, a service member has to see another person’s certain private parts.

“Congress could quite readily make peeping upon a naked person a violation of Article 120, UCMJ,” the U.

His panoramic collages search for changes in the urban landscape.

At the same time they show how life has once again returned to normal, despite the tragic events that took place there.