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took us back to 1926 – a world preparing itself for war against the growing forces of the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald.

The next four films will span 19 years, building up to some major events in the script is complete and filming has begun and will take place in the UK and Paris.

A deleted scene apparently explained how that is at all possible.

We have a new, younger Albus Dumbledore in the form of Jude Law, which seems to have people almost as distressed as they were over Depp's casting.

It’s a very interesting development from where we start out. Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne stars in the central role of wizarding world magizoologist Newt Scamander, under the direction of David Yates, who helmed the last four “Harry Potter” blockbusters.

The work is pouring out of her.”“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is an all-new adventure returning us to the wizarding world created by J. The film opens in 1926 as Newt Scamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures.

The new films are all as-yet-untitled, however Eddie Redmayne has said that they will follow a ‘Fantastic Beasts and…’ template.

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David Yates, who directed the first “We’ve seen the script for Part 2, for the second movie, which takes the story in a whole new direction – as you should, you don’t want to repeat yourself.

The only one who might be able to stop him is the wizard he once called his dearest friend, Albus Dumbledore.

But Dumbledore will need help from the wizard who had thwarted Grindelwald once before, his former student Newt Scamander.

His father would later be the inspiration for the song, "Leader of the Band".

Using a Mel Bay course book, Dan taught himself to play a Hawaiian slide guitar that his grandfather gave him. At 14 he joined a band, The Clan, which covered The Beatles.