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No, when it comes to the old cold shoulder, my bugbear is less with the fact that a person chooses to call time on a 'thing' and more that, by taking the easy option out of not wrapping it up, it's just so frigging lazy.Everything about dating is lazy these days and it's a pity, because the irony is, the more effort you put into a project, be it within a work context, when raising children, nurturing friendships or forming romantic relationships - the more return you're going to get.Connor’s past, however, soon catches up to him when his deceased Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas), the man that raised him and taught him everything about dating and dumping women, tells him that he will be visited by three ghosts who will take him on a journey through the relationships of his past, present, and future.It’s an interesting idea done way better (and without ghosts) in “High Fidelity” when John Cusack revisiting his old flames to find out why he is still single after so many years.I met David when I was in high school through one of my school friends.It was an instant crush, and I would enjoy stalking him on Facebook and sending screenshots of his profile pictures to my best friend (come on girls…tell me I’m not the only one).

However, we wanted to make sure that the timing was right before making the next big decision for our lives.

He was so embarrassed that he apologized repeatedly.

All was forgiven, but now he knows not to text me past 9 p.m.!

Things became a reality towards the end of 2016, when we started talking about our “timeline” more seriously and decided to start looking at engagement rings (I’ll do a whole separate blog post about the engagement ring part).

We have always been very open in our relationship and make decisions together, so it wasn’t a big surprise for me.